Vega Plugin: Use input signal in query


I have a vega visualization with an input signal (dropdown). I want to use this value to update the query to elastic and set the size parameter.

"signals": [
	{ "name": "points", "value": 10,
      "bind": {"input": "select", "options": [20,30,40,50]} },
"data": [{
"name": "data",
"url": {
	"index": "testindex*",
	"body": {
		"size": {"signal": "points" }        # Here I want to use the input from the signal

How can I achieve this?

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@keff this would be a very cool improvement, and it has already been asked for. I hope to get to it fairly soon. Please track to know when it gets done. Also, please check that ticket to see if it fully meets your goals. Thx!


Ok, thank you very much.

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