Vega radio input don't show defaul

Hi to all
I have Vega visualization with radio input signal.

"signals": [
 {"name": "Zobrazení", "value": "Celkově", "bind": {"input": "radio", "options": ["Celkově", "Po zaměstnancích"]}},
 {"name": "Období", "value": "Den", "bind": {"input": "radio", "options": ["Den", "Hodina"]}}

When I apply my code, i dont see default values as checked.

currently using

"$schema": "",

Thank you


@flash1293 can we please get some help?


Hi Misa,

to remove all ambiguities, could you please follow the steps outlined here:

This will give a complete picture of your case and make it much easier to suggest a solution


I see the same thing even with the simplest of items:



Hi @Midas,

I tested the spec you provided and this is how it looks for me:

Are you seeing something else?


I am seeing it the same way as Misa is. I am using Kibana OSS v7.6.1, Vega 4.3.0. I tried with the Kibana XPack v7.6.1, Vega 4.3.0 as well, same thing. When I used Kibana XPack 6.5.4, Vega 3.3.1, I had no issues and saw what you see there.


I am showing the same using elastic cloud.

It produces valid HTML. Something with CSS might be overriding it but haven't found what yet.

<input id="vega-option-Zobrazení-Celkově" type="radio" name="Zobrazení" value="Celkově" checked="true">

I was testing with the latest unreleased Kibana version using a more recent version of vega, let me check on 7.6

Here is 7.8.0

I was referring to (will be released soon with 7.9). I will check on Monday whether there is a workaround for older versions, otherwise you should be able to get it working by upgrading once 7.9 is out.

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I tested 7.8 locally and I have the same issue there. Seems like vega fixed the problem in the most recent version - I suggest waiting for 7.9 and then upgrading.

Till then, maybe you can use a text mark to show the current value of the signal besides the checkboxes as a workaround?

  marks: [
      "type": "text",
      "encode": {
        "update": {
          "fill": {"value": "#000"},
          "text": {"signal": "color"}


Yes, our workaround was to actually build an entire interactive set of buttons that you can flick on and off (as group markings). It's like 200 lines of code BUT it doesn't create that random issue with spacing that happens when a bind takes a portion of the viewbox to render (and we get to customize the font completely).


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