Version conflict when using update_by_query


Hi all,

I'm trying to use update_by_query to update a field in each document but I keep failing due to a version conflict. I don't understand why I am getting version conflicts as I know nothing else is running against the documents I want to update. Any ideas?

The query I'm passing to ES Client in Ruby is:

        "script": {
          "inline": "ctx._source['salesforce_account_status'] = '#{account[:salesforce_account_status]}'",
          "lang": "painless"
        "query": {
          "term": {
            "account_id": account[:account_id]

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Hi Kornelia,

Do you have an example of a conflict error?
Is the conflict because the version is the same version or that it's trying to use a version that's behind the new version the doc has when it goes to update?

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If the same version, then it might be that you just have to manually increment it somehow when writing the doc back.

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