Version control and backup of dashboard/visualization/query object

What's the best way to implement an automatic version control and backup system for all the objects created in Kibana for visualization and querying? Should we use export/import API to collect the latest content and push the files to Git repo external to Elastic Stack? Any built-in Git integration?

@dataplatform12345 : Hi ! So at the moment we do not store previous versions of objects created in Kibana. (It might come as a future feature, stay tuned! )
Though it could be handled by taking regular back-ups by using our backup mechanism -Snapshots.
So in order to take backups of your objects in Kibana and to handle the version control, you could take snapshots of your system indices - eg. .kibana , .monitoring-es-6-YYYY.MM.DD , etc (all indices which starts with a dot are system indices which gets created automatically) which actually stores all your saved objects of Kibana. However what you do on query DSL does not get stored. You might want to store your important DSL queries manually.
Hope this clarifies your doubt.

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