VersionConflictEngineException error in elastic search while running in multi thread environment

We are getting the below error from elastic search while my application is running in a multi threaded environment and number of threads are almost 25:

2018-05-01 17:56:57,802 ERROR [com.sicap.targetme.svc.utils.SimpleDelayQueueChannel] (STC-Consumer-Threadpool-62715 2018-05-01 17:56:56.652 MSISDN: 966503236382, CAMPAIGN: VoLTE_LIVE, PROFILE: VoLTE_LIVE) Failures occurs while inserted data in ElaticSearch : failure in bulk execution: [3]: index [stc], type [campaign], id [324_966567885550], message [[stc][[stc][3]] VersionConflictEngineException[[campaign][324_966567885550]: version conflict, current [6], provided [5]]]

What could be the issue. My running elastic search version is 2.3.2

Regards, Rajib


The log message your reporting isn't something from Elasticsearch. Since it mentions version conflict, though, I'll hypothesize that your application is attempting to update the same document multiple times around the same time, creating a race condition. Since you mention running multi-threaded, it seems that much more likely.
Have a look at some relevant parts of The Definitive Guide [1]



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