Vertical bar chart displaying private information

(Donald Tavoletti) #1

I created a vertical bar chart that has the following settings:

The y axis has an aggregation of "Average", a field called: "itemprojectionfactor" which is a number (float), and a label: "Sum of Purchased Item Projection Factors".

Under "Buckets", I have an X-axis with an aggregation of "Terms", a field called: "itemname" which is a string, and Order By: "metric: Sum of Purchased Item Projection Factor", with a label: "Purchased Item Name".

Under that, I have a "split bars" subaggregation of "Terms", a field called: "consumername" which is a string, and Order By: "metric: Sum of Purchased Item Projection Factor" with no label.

My bar chart is correct in that it has multiple bars next to each other (for each itemname) across the x axis for "Purchased Item Name", and along the y axis for the Sum of Purchased Item Projection Factor". So each bar is split based on a consumer name for that item and its average projection factor. The ruler on the y axis reflects the sum of the average projection factors for each consumer for a particular item (items go along x axis).

The bars are split (have horizontal lines going across them) along the Y axis for each consumername (which only appears when hovering over the bars".

What we would like to do is use this aggregation and our correct final table, however, we do not want to display the split lines for the consumername in that it is a private field that we don't want displayed anywhere, however, we do want it used in our aggregation and the creation of the final table. We just want our bars to be one color without any splits for consumername. This way, it will look like "Sum of Purchased Item Projection Factor" for each "Purchased Item Name".

Is there any way we can use all three fields to come up with the visual data table, but leave out the actual consumername and the split lines/change of colors in the bars?

Thank you!

(Thomas Neirynck) #2

Hi Donald,

Is there any way you could split up the chart and the table generation in two different reports?

Ie. for the chart, you do not subaggregate on customer name, but for the datatable you do?

You can also manually change the colors of all the segments to the same color in the legend, though that is probably not the thing you're looking for :wink:

(Donald Tavoletti) #3


Thanks for getting back to me. Can you explain a little more as to what you mean.

Do you mean, have the aggregation done prior to Kibana and use that aggregation in Kibana?

Also, is there anyway to create an intermediate index on the fly in Kibana that has the aggregation I need?


(Thomas Neirynck) #4

hi Donald,

I meant; not do the second sub-aggregatoin (the one where you split bars in segments for each customer). If you are visualizing 100% of the data (this depends on how many buckets you do the split), it should be give the same results as the query where you do do that split. Then you can use that one for the bar chart, and do the splitted version for your tabular data.

I don't think you can't create an index on the fly like that.

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