Vertical Bar - Combine 'Normal' and 'Stacked' view


I'm working for a company that has a lot of mail servers. These mailservers send mail in packages (which we call 'slots'). Each single email gets logged as a record, and has a slot value.

In addition, each email record also has a value to indicate whether it was successful or whether it encountered an error. This field is called 'state', and a value of 1000 indicates the emails was sent successfully whereas all other values (900, 823, 455, ...) mean the email encountered a delivery problem.

I wanted to create a vertical bar chart, where a each bar indicates the number of successful emails per slot and the number of failed emails per slot; kind of like this:

However, it doesn't seem possible to define stacking behaviour for the states but 'normal' behaviour for the slots.

I'm fairly new at Kibana so any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,


Anyone? :frowning:

Hi @Barabossa! Sorry your question didn't get any attention earlier, hopefully I can help some.

Stacked bar charts are certainly possible inside of Kibana. Here's a prior question that shows an example config: Stacked and grouped columns in bar chart

But I don't believe you'll be able to group it by state like you're looking to. I'd recommend creating a Scripted Field to first group the states like you're looking to do then split on that field, instead of the raw state field.

Thank you Michael. I don't think I have access to creating scripted fields in my role, but I'll see what I can get done.

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