Vertical Barchart: Perform Subcalculations and aggregate them


I have a data set of orders which look like this:

Customer; Bought Item; Price (of Item); Revenue of Basket; BasketID; Date of Purchase

And I want to display in a vertical barchart, how many customers are in specific group. There are 6 groups, classified, regarding the revenue, like this:

Group 1: 0€ to 100€
Group 2: 100€ to 1000€
Group 3: 1000€ to 10000€
and and so on up to group 6: 1000000€ to 10000000€

A simple range aggregation with Uniqe Count metrics came in mind. But the problem is that I need the sum of the revenues, in the selected timeframe.

E.g., if I want to look up the groups from 2016 to 2017, then I have to sum all basket revenues (or item prices) each customer purchased in this year.

Is this possible in Kibana?
Thanks in advance!


I am sorry, this is not possible. What you would require is building ranges on top of a metrics aggregation. Elasticsearch unfortunately doesn't support any "Bucket Pipeline aggregation".


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Hi timroes,

thanks a lot for quick the response! It seems like that I have to prepare the data locally then.

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