View In context option is not available(EFK- Elasticsearch Fluentd kibana Stack)

Hi Team, I am sending log from fluentd to elasticsearch, everything works fine. But I am not able to see "VIEW IN CONTEXT" option in log section of observability, Elasticsearch version: 8.7 and Kibana Version: 8.7. Below is the format of data which I am collection from application pod and sending it to elasticsearch using fluentd? could anyone help me with this?

  "took": 12,
  "timed_out": false,
  "_shards": {
    "total": 1,
    "successful": 1,
    "skipped": 0,
    "failed": 0
  "hits": {
    "total": {
      "value": 1,
      "relation": "eq"
    "max_score": 1,
    "hits": [
        "_index": "xxxxxx",
        "_id": "xxxxxxxxx",
        "_score": 1,
        "_source": {
          "filename": "access.log",
          "hostname": "app",
          "remote": "172.x.x.x",
          "host": "-",
          "user": "-",
          "method": "GET",
          "path": "/status.js",
          "code": "200",
          "size": "17",
          "referer": "-",
          "agent": "kube-probe/1.21",
          "@timestamp": "2023-04-27T07:05:12.000000000+00:00"

I have attached the screenshot of the logs in elasticsearch UI as you can see only "VIEW IN DETAILS" is available

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