View raw log data by clicking on Kibana visualization?

Hi there, is there a way to be able to view or be redirected to raw log data by just clicking on a Visualization in Kibana?

For example in this chart:

If I were to click the last vertical bar on the chart (2017-10-23), it should show me logs similar to results that the Kibana Discover tab shows for October 23rd.

I understand that there is a way to see data by clicking on the bottom bar upwards arrow icon, but this shows me a table with counts necessary to generate the graph, and some JSON query information. However, I want to view the actual RAW log data as visualized in the Discover tab.

Thanks for your help!

You can make a Saved Search based on the same data as this visualization, and put both this visualization and the Saved Search into a Dashboard. When you interact with the visualization to make a filter, the Saved Search will be updated to show the filtered data.

Saved Searches are created in the Discover app, and you can add them to a dashboard similar to any other visualization.

Hope this helps!

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