Is there a way to view logs by clicking on a visualization?

For example, if I have a vertical graph, I would like to click on a bar that shows the logs that the bar represents.

I've seen an old post saying this isn't possible but I wanted to know if in the newer version of Kibana this is possible.

If you setup a saved search, you can then use that in it's own visualisation on the same dashboard and it'll filter based on whatever you click in the graphs.

ok, but then what makes it a saved search if the search changes based on the graphs that I click?

I did this but when I click on a bar that represents 2 logs, I want to see those 2 logs, but I just see a bunch

Perhaps some screenshots showing this might help us :slight_smile:

Here I inserted saved and inserted an empty search into a dashboard. I clicked on a bar that represents 2 logs on April 4, the saved search then showed totally unrelated searches on different dates and way more than 2 logs.

In that image it doesn't look like you have clicked that bar graph portion you've pointed to, otherwise I'd expect to see just that in the bar graph itself?

I did click on it but the graph has a timerange on it so it doesn't show just the bar. When I click on the bar without a timerange set specifically to the graph, then it does show only the bar.

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