How to switch from one visualization graph to another by clicking it

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Hi Team,

I am using Kibana 5.2.2 and want to use drill down feature like if i am clicking one visualization graph data then i should go to the respective details associated with that data.

For example: If a visualization chart is showing HTTP response codes like 404, 503, 200, 302 etc then if i am clicking any response code (lets say 404) , then i should get data like which all applications are throwing that particular response code 404.

(Lukas Olson) #2

What kind of visualization are you using? If you are visualizing response codes and click on one of the bars associated with a specific response code, the data should automatically be filtered where the response code is that value.

(mohit gupta) #3

Yes Lukas. This is one of the scenerio. What i am expecting is that if i am clicking one of the bars , the associated data should be populated automatically. But it is not happening currently. Can you please provide me the steps for the same?

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Could you provide a screenshot of the visualization before and after you click on the bar? I'm not exactly sure what's happening here.

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