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What to do when you click on visualization for filtering purpose but the other visualization does not update to show the data related to the one clicked.

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What type of visualization you have that are not reacting to the filtering action?
Are they all of the same type? Are they a Vega/Custom based visualization, or perhaps Aggregation based, TSVB or Lens?

Thank you.

So most of them are aggregated based and few are lens

Just to understand here, you click to filter somewhere, a filter is added to the dashboard/time range changes in the dashboard but charts do not update?

When you click on chart for example to filter for certain category par exemple, the other charts should display data related to the category that was clicked.I hope this makes sense

There's no specific configuration to trigger a filter in a dashboard, Lens or Agg-based charts should do it by default.

Okay.That’s what I though too but now it is not working.

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