Kibana visualizations changed to No result found when select one visualization from dashboard

I am running Kibana 7.17.1.
I created a dashboard in kibana with multiple visualizations on it. I noticed that when I select/click on one of the visualizations the other ones changed to "No results found".

How can I stop that from happening?

Hi @Mary2022 ,

When you click on one of the visualizations, you are adding filter to the whole dashboard. This is the expected behaviour. If you want to have custom filters for specific visualisations on a dashboard, you need edit that visualisation by adding that filter.

If I'm wrong with my assumption, please share a screenshot. That might help.

Regards, Dima

I am not sure if I am following. The users click on the visualization thinking they can drill down but there is not. Instead when they click on it the rest of the visualizations stop working

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