Kibana visualization with "filter by condition" doesn't work on dashboard

Kibana visualization with “filter by condition” doesn't work on dashboard. :frowning_face:
Visualization works fine without dashboard.
On dashboard it shows “No results found”.
Same condition works in discover properly.
Any way to debug it?

Could you please show the exact filter condition you are trying to apply and a sample value of your data?

Ok, sorted it out by following this thread

The issue was, I’ve added additional filter to dashboard by mistake.

I guess, I was trying to save dashboard, but added filter with same name as dashboard itself and saved it.

It was difficult to spot, because I thought, it is dashboard name, not filter!

One debugging tip:
When you get _msearch "Request Payload" it’s json in one long string.

To make it easier to read, I’ve formatted it with:

cat f0.json | python -m json.tool > f1.json
type f0.json | python -m json.tool > f1.json

Or use any online json formatting tools.

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