View Specific Index-pattern data in a specific kibana space

Hi Team,

I have a single elastic-cloud managed cluster, all my app env's (prod/stage/dev/etc...) are streaming data to this single cluster. Now to separate these diff env data, I've created different agent policies with respective namespace (prod/dev/stage) and have created respective index-patterns as well.

My requirement is to view these respective env data into a specific kibana space. for example, the prod index-pattern logs MUST be visible ONLY in PROD Kibana SPACE.
It should NOT be visible in any other Kibana spaces like dev or stage. Similarly the dev index-pattern data MUST be visible in DEV Kibana Space.

Can someone please help in achieving this, thanks.

Hi Saad,

If you only create the index pattern for the dev data in the DEV space, it will only be visible there.

But I think you also want to prevent someone in the PROD space from creating a dev index pattern?

So for that you need to create roles and assign those roles to the space.

  1. go to Stack Management, Roles, create new role
  2. Role name: dev
    Indices: dev* (or whatever the index pattern is)
    Privileges: read, view_index_metadata
    Add Kibana privilege - this is where you pick the DEV space. You can probably leave All feature privileges or limit them if you want.

Then give your "dev users" the dev role. They will only have access to the dev space and the dev index pattern.


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