View User Role Timeout

We have a lot of fields and indices which results in large indices mappings. Whenever I view a user role, Kibana sends this request in the background: GET /s/spaceName/api/security/v1/fields/* and then it times out after few minutes. The client node that receives this request becomes unresponsive until it finishes processing the request ~5min. Currently, it's not possible to modify roles with the Kibana UI and I have to use the Elasticsearch security API directly to accomplish this task.

My question is why sends this expensive request in the first place since it doesn't seem necessary for viewing/modifying the security role? Also, is there a way to somehow control how and when Kibana retrieves the fields & mappings of indices since this has become an issues for us.

Thank you!


There is an open issue for this: and it's on the roadmap. Don't have an estimate for it, sorry.

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