Viewing archive topics causes them to be marked unread

If I view any of the archive topics (the ones imported from GGroups) the topic is added to the unread list. Can this be disabled so that all the archive topics are implictly read. It's pretty annoying when searching through the archive for old topics if all of the topics I click then appear in the unread list, polluting the list of topics/posts which are actually unread.

Wait hmmm are these archive topics sprawled around multiple categories? This is tricky to sort out.

You are explicitly tracking the categories. Are you asking for a "track but do not track archived topics feature" ?

I think the archive topics are only in the Elasticsearch and Logstash categories as they are the only two that used to have GGroups. Yep, I am tracking the categories, but as far as I knew that should only mark as unread if something new is actually posted to one of these topics? It seems to be marking things as unread simply just by me visiting the topic. I guess what I am asking for is that all the current posts in the archive topics be set to 'read' so that this doesn't happen. Is that possible?

I am still seeing this happen quite frequently, and find it very annoying. Any progress on fixing this issue?