[Idea] Possibility to mute a topic from the category listing

Here is my scenario,

I'm watching the Logstash category to not miss anything and would like to quickly discard (mute?) irrelevant topics from their title.
Currently I need to open the topic and mute it. I would be faster to do this action from the category topic listing IMHO.

Do you think it would be helpful to others, technically possible?


Edit: interesting discussion/explanation in https://meta.discourse.org/t/ability-to-mark-as-read/2272

We already have a magic shortcut for bookmarking, try hitting j to highlight a row and then hit b

I am not against allowing you to "mute" directly from there but we would need to pull in some extra info info the row to show what just happened

Thansk for the quick update and the hint about key shortcut!

I thinks the use case I should follow is describe in this comment #42 of this thread

  1. read/bookmark all new posts that I like
  2. Dismiss the rest with the Dissmiss new button

However this button is not visible in https://discuss.elastic.co/c/logstash/l/new
I suppose it is coming in a next update of discourse ?

Yeah thats a missing feature we have which we will add, its there here:


but missing when you drill into a category.


checking back on this, now that is is implemented.
are there plan to activate on discuss.elastic.co ?

We need to build it first, plan to get it going but have not had a chance to build it yet.