Viewing logstash in Kibana (5.6.6)

Hi, I'm running elastic 5.6.6 with kibana 5.6.6, I've installed logstash 5.6.6 on a new box and I want to monitor it in kibana but can't see where I should set that up. I watched a video on getting started and from what the narator said I'm wondering if there was no monitoring within kibana at all till 6.0 or if it's just management of pipelines that was introduced with 6.0

any help appreceated

hi @Ant,

are you referring to the Monitoring-plugin? if so, it's an X-pack component and needs to be installed separately:

I am indeed and I've installed x-pak on the logstash instance and added the xpack monitor username and password in the config but it's not showing in kibana. Logstash is running on a seperate node so I'm guessing it's that it needs to either have awareness of kibana or that kibana needs awareness of it?

Yes, You must configure the xpack.monitoring.elasticsearch.password setting in the logstash.yml configuration file with the new password for the logstash_system user.

xpack.monitoring.elasticsearch.username: logstash_system
xpack.monitoring.elasticsearch.password: logstashpassword


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