Visual Builder Can't use overall aggregation as input to another aggregation


I am dealing with data regarding user success rates for performing different tasks. What I'd like to do is use the experimental visualization builder to create a metric visualization. I use a calculation aggregation to sum the number of success across all dates in range with the corresponding number of failures and then have that divide the number of successes to get a success rate. Just using the sum aggregation only allows me to use the data from the last day. I want to then use an overall sum to sum each of the days totals together so that I can get an accurate success rate. However, I can't then use that overall sum as an input to the aforementioned sum aggregation.

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hi @clowder,

you are referring to the Time Series Visual Builder?

What are you trying to express? Do you want to see that success-rate over time? I'm not sure if I fully understand the use case, but you might be able to do this with Timelion. It allows you to divide two time-series, to get the success-rate.

I'd suggest to look at the docs first, since this may get your there:


Thanks for the reply @thomasneirynck,

Yes I am referring to the Time Series Builder. What I'd like is to have a metric visualization (just a big bold number) that is the percentage success rate for all users. Let's say on Monday John tried to do task X 20 times and failed 10 times, thus succeeding 10 time. Marry then tried X 40 times on Tuesday and failed 5 times, succeeding 35 times. I want to be able to display on my dashboard that over Monday and Tuesday the success rate for X was (35 + 10)/(10+10 + 5+35) = 75%. Timelion wouldn't work because, as I understand it, it produces time series. I don't need a time series. I want to ask questions like what was the success rate for task X over the last two years. I can already graph the success rate as a time series. I just want to be able to do what I described. It seems to me this should be a fairly common use case.

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thanks @clowder,

I see, that's harder... :wink:

Doing a division like that on the fly isn't possible, neither with TSVB or the regular metrics in Visualize.

Could you create an enhancement request in Kibana

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Visual Builder (TSVB) does have the Filter Ratio aggregation. While it does create a time series, it also shows a gauge and has markdown output. If you set your Interval as large as your timespan then you effectively get the single value that represents the whole timestpan.

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This PR should give you the ability to do what you're looking for: