Visual builder - Filter Ratio: repeated issues with "params.numerator != null && params.denominator != null"

I've been experimenting with the Visual Builder (experimental) in Kibana for a series of different charts and time series. I'm primarily trying to use the Filter Ratio aggregation, and I've repeatedly run across a specific error:

My knowledge here is limited, but it looks like the filter for either the numerator or denominator is resulting in zero documents for at least one of the intervals.

This is hard to avoid; are there suggested methods for managing this kind of thing?

For instance, I have an 'email' document with the boolean field "wasOpened" to flag if the email was opened by the recipient. I'd like to chart the open rate over time (by day), but there may be a day where no emails were opened, or even when no emails were sent (the denominator).

How can I handle this?


Any thoughts here? Is the visual builder just expected to be pretty buggy right now? I'm attempting what would seem to be a very simple use case and still having issues with this error:


We fixed a bug and it will be in upcoming 6.6.0:

It sounds like it takes care of your problem?


Thanks bhavyarm, that does look like it could be the culprit. Look forward to the patch.

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