[Visual Builder] Offset timeseries makes a timeline with a huge gap, rather than an overlay

** Kibana version: 6.5.3**
** ES version: 6.5.3**

Steps to reproduce:
Visualize -> visual builder

  • Add a simple dataset, no aggregations or anything, just some timeseries data
  • Duplicate the dataset with the "duplicate" button
  • Go into options -> offset series time by: 1d
  • Make sure the timepicker at the top is set to : past 24 hours

Expected behavior:
two graphs, one overlaid on top of the other

Actual behavior:
two graphs, stacked side-by-side


** Update **
Sometimtes, it first renders the graph as you would expect (two overlaid datasets) BUT then the graph flickers and re-renders with the data split again.


Can you please log this issue here?

I am not sure if its expected or a bug yet.
Will make sure a dev will look at it.


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