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I am using the VSB to build a chart that uses a Filter Ratio aggregation, with Metric Aggregation set to the default Count. I am also grouping by a term.

This works perfectly fine for Top N, but for all other visualisations (namely Gauge in my case) the ordering is random, I get lots of values visualised which shouldn't even be part of the set (they contain only the denominator value).

The Order By only allows to select Doc Count (Default). The Top N is sorted properly but the other visualisations are not. How can I sort the other visualisations properly?

My Kibana version is 6.0.0.


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Maybe this PR is what I need?

Does Kibana 6.4.1's VSB support the Calculation aggregation again? I know it was pulled after 6.0.0 but IIRC it made its way back again?

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It looks like the PR you linked in what you need, which was added in 6.1.0

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Thanks Tyler!

I tried it and unfortunately it's not what I need after all - Doc Count would be the proper sorting method and it seems to be a bug, so I filed a bug report at


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