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Could someone explain to me how I can visualise bulk rejections in kibana based on x-pack monitoring data please? Bulks rejections are a cumulative total for each node. How I can graph this isn't clear to me.


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hi @Shahid_Chaudhary,

I'm not 100% sure what monitoring actually stores in its indices. But I think you'll want to start with creating a index-pattern over the monitoring index, which is a hidden index. It starts with .monitoring. In Discover, then you can see what documents are stored in there and start building a visualization from there.


Hi @thomasneirynck,
My question isn't as fundamental as that. I already have the index pattern defined and can view the index documents. What I'm asking is how to graph bulk rejections accurately. Everything I've tried so far falls foul of either gaps in the data or node restarts. These are test systems but these data issues will hopefully help to create a more robust visualisation.

What I need to do is graph the differences between each data point (it is stored as a counter) without gaps in the data causing issues with calculations. I've not done much at all with visualisations or aggregations and so am finding this tricky to do...


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