Visualization by STATUS field which changes his state


I recently started working on Kibana visualization so I know very less about it.
Allow me to explain my use case.

I have a STATUS field which has 4 states. In-Queue, In-Progress, Completed and Purged.
In parallel multiple document inserts into Elasticsearch and their first state is In-Queue.

Once they completed the job, STATUS field value updates to 'Completed'. At the the end of the day there will be no state of In-Queue/In-Progress only Completed/Purged.

Now I need to show line chart. What time number of In-progress/In-queue job increased and decreased. Similar like memory chart which shows what time memory increased and decreased.

But In my document at the end there is no in-progress/in-queue state, they updates to 'completed'. And their count always be zero.

I don't know to converts this into visualization.

This how my data looks like.

        "queue_end_time" : "2020:09:25 08:42:21.516",
        "queue_start_time" : "2020:09:25 08:41:48.860",
        "job_end_time" : "2020:09:25 08:42:44.309",
        "job_start_time" : "2020:09:25 08:41:48.860",
        "status" : "purged", in-queue/in-progress/completed

How are the documents being updated?

Are you creating new records or updating the existing one?

updating the existing field: STATUS.

@ahmadsayeed3 that is most likely the reason. The record doesn't maintain the status overtime and will only show you the last value. If you want to create a line chart over time like shown you would need to create a new record for each time you bring in the data.

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