Visualization for delivery comfiramtion

Hello everyone, so i have index with 2 types of events:
1 - Requests
with field ID: 123
2 - Response
with field ID: 123
"Response" event with same field "ID" and same value. It tells me that some delivery indeed happend in my application.

I was wondering if its possible to create vizualisation that will show ID's with "Request" but without "Response" events. So basicly this ID should have count 1, not 2.

I am using Kibana 7.11

I would think of a different solution.
For example - update the index/document, instead of creating a new doc.
Then you can get the latest status of each event.
In addition, you can store parameters like "Request Timestamp", "Response Timestamp", etc. for calculations related to date/time.


You can create a detection rule using EQL to detect those situations. EQL is able to detect sequences of events.

In your data table visualization you are using terms aggregations for the ID + Requst + Response.
Also make sure to click on Show partial rows.
Finally you could create a Dropdown on the dashboard that is using the results of the detection engine so that you can easily filter.

Updating doc is a nice idea, thank you. As far as i know - i should create custom doc id then, right?

Thank you, I wil look into that, seems like i dont have "detections" enabled. I will check my access rights.

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