Visualization of data with timeframe attribute

I am quite new in Kibana. Could you please recommend me any visualization available for data with attributes having its live period, e.g. list of hosts and different software installed on it. Each soft has its version and availability period. I want to show number of hosts having particular soft in time series

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kibana does not yet support date_range field type in elasticsearch. You can follow date_range support in this issue

You can use timelion, vertical bar charts, heat map, and visual builder to create charts from a single time dimension

Thanks for the link.
date_range are supported since 5.3 version by Elastic. How can them be not supported by Kibana?
What do you mean by single time dimension? Separate attributes like since and till on the top level of the object or multiple records with one date attribute, e.g. day as many as long is the period, i.e. for period of Mar,1 -- Mar,10 have 10 records, one per day?

maybe there is another way to visualize a time series and number of hosts having certain application on daily basis.
Or maybe it would be more clear if we have data about sessions having their start and finish time. and we need to display dynamics of active session count per second within a day

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