Kibana time series range issue

Hi All,

I am very new to the kibana commuity. I have an issue representing data in time series. It would be really helpful if someone can guide me through it.

I have an use case where I need to show top 5 categories across a date range say oct 12 to oct 22 aggregated by count of tweets. But the date range option shows only one dot for the each category in the range. I want the top 5 categories with their values spread across like a line or time series.

I tried the date histogram option , but it shows the top 5 categories in each date of the range, which is not what i want. I have attached a screenshot of my viz for reference.


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As for your question:

  • make sure that your index in ES has date-fields.
  • in Kibana, you can select the "Date Histogram" option for those Date-fields. That allows you to see your data over time.
  • then you can select a new sub-bucket where you "split lines"

your configuration would look something like this:

You might also want to go to a short getting-started tutorial that shows how to map date-fields and create charts with Kibana:

I'm closing this ticket now. But if you have follow up questions or comments, feel free to submit them in the forum.