Date range issue

I have selected a Data Range and set it with the following date format:

From: now-30d
To: now

But for some reason the X-axis shows more dates than requested.
My index doesn't have timestamp defined, so the date filter (the one in Kibanba's upper right corner) doesn't apply here.

Please see the screenshot attached

Hmm, can you take a screenshot of your bucket aggregations?

Sure, attached.
Split series -> Date Range (now-30d)
X-Axis -> Date Histogram, Interval -> Daily

The dates at the bottom of the chart are from the "X-Axis -> Date Histogram" aggregation, and the purple series, the one described by the legend, is from the "Split series -> Date Range" aggregation. If your index doesn't have timestamp defined how are you creating a date histogram for the x-axis?

Using the date range field which has got a timestamp

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