Difficulty Creating a time series line chart

In Kibana 4.2.1, I have data loaded like so:
** Member Type |Count |@timestamp**

  • Member Type A | 234 | 2016-01-28
  • Member Type B | 345 | 2016-01-28
  • Member Type C | 187 | 2016-01-28

I don't understand how to get a line graph showing the 'Member Type' count changes over time.
How can I get a chart showing the change in membership categories over time?

Does the data itself contain a count field that you are trying to visualize, or are you trying to perform a count aggregation over your data?

I was able to solve this problem.

The data itself does contain a count field called 'Count', instead of loading all the data for Kibana to perform the count.
Here is a screen shot of my settings.

I have 16 categories of 'Member Type'.

I just realized I may still be wrong.
Because today my numbers look inflated.

So, to answer you question, yes I have a Count field I would like to visualize myself.

Under Bucket, can you try Date Histogram first and add a Split with Terms Aggregation and then chose Field as Member Type?

Something like this:

I tried moving away from using the count field and just loaded all of the records. see attached.
I still get inflated numbers.

In fact, I can run successfully the 1st time. If I run the 2nd time, that is when my numbers are getting inflated.

I thing that, Your whole collections of timestamps are in same date.. I mean same day. So you have to set the Interval to 'auto' or some other value like 'hour'. Try this. If it is work, let me know.


That doesnt work.
But the weird thing is my numbers from friday are inflated, but my numbers from this weekend, saturday and sunday, look normal.

Keep settings like this, but on the metrics part, change it to
Aggregation: Sum
Field: Count

The Count you currently have on Y-Axis only counts the number of documents in ES, which is not what you are looking for. Also, please check the data type of your Count field in ES to make sure it is integer.