Problems with line chart using supplied Y axis value

In Kibana 4.2.1, I have data loaded like so:
** Member Type |Count |@timestamp**

  • Member Type A | 234 | 2016-01-28
  • Member Type B | 345 | 2016-01-28
  • Member Type C | 187 | 2016-01-28

I don't understand how to get a line graph showing the 'Member Type' count changes over time.
How can I get a chart showing the change in membership categories over time?

Keep in mind my Count field is supplied, so I don't need Kibana to count the records for me.

Here is what I tried, but my numbers seem to get inflated to double the real value:

There is no derivative support in Kibana today. If this is time-series data, you may consider trying Timelion for visualizations that require advanced time-series math:

what do you mean by 'derivative' support?
Im very confused?

If you want to track the change in the metric (e.g. count), I assume you need to take the metric and display its derivative?