Visualization on the basis of months

I want to have a visualization where x axis will represent months and y axis represents cost in that month. but, the file having the data is having separate columns for every months.
how to achieve this requirement of displaying more than one column along x-axis in vertical bar graph.

Hey @suraj_kumar3, have you already ingested your file into Elasticsearch? Would you mind providing a few sample documents of the current data?

Ideally, we'd be ingesting the data and have a date field, and then we can create a Visualization with a date histogram on the x-axis, grouped by month:

this kind of data i am injesting

Hey @suraj_kumar3 if you create an Elasticsearch document for each account and month of sales, it will allow you to create Visualizations in Kibana based on this information. The following is an example document:

  "account": 1234,
  "month": "January",
  "sales": 100

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