Visualization over an ES query

This might be a basic question but I've looked around and haven't found my answer.

How do I go about creating a visualization (say a pie chart with count aggregation, split slices with a range aggregation, etc) but I'm only interested in the documents that are subject to the results of say a term query?

I see there's a box for Lucene code and also under 'advanced', it takes JSON input but I'm not sure how to use it.

Any help would be appreciated.

Use the Discover application to construct your query. Click Add a filter for a nice UI for building terms quires.

When finished, save the query. This will create a "Saved Search".

Open visualize and select your visualization type. The next screen will present a dialog for choosing your data source. The left side lists index patterns. The right side lists saved searches. Select your saved search

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Thanks for super quick answer, @Nathan_Reese!

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