Visualization (pie) of index with all fields included

Hi, I'm using 7.17 (we're upgrading soon). At the moment I have lens/graph/visualize library all open searching for a way to include all fields (many) from an index and display them in a pie chart. I can see how to do this manually, but there must be an easier way. Thank you!

Edit: By manually, I meant selecting 1 field at a time.

Hi @Anomalous_User

can you clarify your use cases? Are you currently creating one filter per field?

Hi @Marco_Liberti, thanks for your response. The idea was to put all the whole index into a visualization, then use filters to audit it and eventually prune frivolous log fields from ingestion. I realize it is a heavily visual approach and is looking more like a pipe (line) dream. It seems like aggregation might be the solution, but my first impression is that the index data is a bit much for it.

Selecting all field is not possible other than manually creating filter buckets with all field: value combinations.

On the other hand, having all this buckets won't be that useful within a pie visualization: best practices suggest to use no more than 3/4 categories within a pie chart. The use case sounds more something a table could do best.

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