Visualization tied to an absolute date-range

I want to create, and save, a visualization tied to an absolute date-range.

The object will be to push this to a dashbaord and/or share it as link.

The idea is the user can just -look- at it without fiddling with dates.


Update: maybe I don't understand the purpose of the ability to link a visualization to saved search?

This "locking" functionality isn't yet available.

It's probably easier if you just have a markdown box with a link that a user can click to reset the time frame.

isn't yet available.

That's hopeful!

Here is an enhancement we're tracking to add more fine-grained controls in Kibana - please +1 if this is important to you:

One thing you can do in the meanwhile is embed a chart within some HTML page to expose it to the users you don't trust to fiddle with values:

Done, thank you.

is embed a chart within some HTML page

I did, have done, this. One problem with this is that Kibana looks nice and I have all the aesthetic sense of a cinder block. My 'ad-hoc' dashboard looks tawdry contrasted with Kibana.