Visualization to view MAX service hits for a timeframe

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I have below data captured -
Service URL - api/myservice/search/id
HttpVerb - Get

Hits are around 10000 hits in a day.

I need to create a visualization to see when my service hits was the MAX. i.e. which time of the day it received the max hits. I am thinking to visualize it in a LINE graph.

Can anyone please let me know how can I get this done and which graph presentation would be the best?

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Any update on this ??

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Line chart is correct[quote="Sameer_Panicker, post:1, topic:48480"]
below data captured -

This is difficult to answer with so little information, I would suggest giving it a try with a line graph spanning the entire day, whilst adjusting the interval term.

Lmk if that is helpful.

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