Visualizations: changing aggregation text on a median?

When creating a line chart, I'm seeing "50th Percentile of [Fieldname]" for labels, like this:

If I set a custom label, it only changes the ".. of [Fieldname]" part- in other words, it doesn't seem to be possible to get rid of the "50th percentile of" text. In the example below I set the custom label to literally "custom".
Screenshot from 2020-04-01 16-31-56

This seems to be unique to the median type- with the others, a custom label will overwrite the entire label. Here's an example with 'minimum':
Screenshot from 2020-04-01 16-34-21

I tested and this is true on 'area' and 'horizontal bar' graphs too.

I'm on 7.6.

Possibly related things:

I fixed this, but it is not out yet. It will be in 7.7:

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