Visualizations: create w/o point & clicking through UI?

Is the only way to create visualizations by pointing and clicking through the UI? In searching for events, I can just type directly in the search bar, e.g. environment:production AND type:json-logs instead of pointing and clicking through the filter bar on the left. I don't see anything equivalent to quickly be able to create visualizations ... e.g. chart Count,Average(duration) by @timestamp span=1m split-by Terms(route).

When speed is of the essence, trying to figure out where your system might be having a problem - the current UI is massively slow. I can type out what I want to visualize way faster than I can point and click my way through drop downs and field expansions. This means the difference between processing through 4-5 visualizations a minute to figure out where your problem is, versus maybe 1-2 per minute. If you need to get through 10-20 visualizations to pinpoint the issue, that can be the difference between a minor disruption that's barely noticed and a major issue that trends on Twitter.

I get that the current UI allows newbies to get in and create meaningful visualizations with their data, but it's not power-user friendly, IMO.

If there's a way to do this already, can someone point out the docs for it? Googling has been fruitless thus far.

-- Frustrated

@Brice_Ruth_2 if you're looking at time series data, it might be worthwhile to look at TimeLion the query language seems to be close to what you're looking for, but it's only for time series data at this point.

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