Kibana Visuliaztion Line Chart with clickable points show image

(Xianlin) #1

I have time series data of various head count values from various camera images.

Now I can visualize those data in Kibana by using line chart, X-axis is time and Y-axis is the value.

In the next step I want my user can click on those value points on the line chart and display the camera history images at that time. Is there a Kibana plugin or ELK app already can do this?

If I have to start from scratch, any suggestions to start with?

I have a jquery code with high chart library can do it (like this one) but now it seems I have to write my own plugin or app for this.



After some reading, I found maybe kind of suit my requirements. Not exactly what I am looking for but it can save a lot of time since Kibana 4.1 already support it.

(CJ Cenizal) #2

Thanks for updating your post with your solution! Let me know if you need any more help.


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