Visualize Data from multiple Index from the same index pattern


Need some help, I have three indexes (index1, index2 and index3) with different type of data, which belong to the same index pattern (index*). Within the index Pattern I can see all the fields from the three indexes.

When I move to Discover, I only see the fields from index1, but I do not see the fields from index2 and index3.

If I go to Visualize, I see the fields from all the indexes and can select them to create visualization, but only when I pick fields from index1 is when data is display, which is not the case when I pick a field from index2 and index3.

What could I be doing wrong?

Thanks in advance for your help,


It sounds like index2 and index3 are not returning any data for the selected time range.

Discover only shows the fields found in the first matching 500 documents. Visualize displays all fields in the Index Pattern.

Do you have documents loaded for index2 and index3? Do index2 and index3 have the same time field as index1? Do you have documents that occur at the same time range across all indices?

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