Visualize multiple indices with different mapping

Is there a way to visualize fields from multiple indices but with different mapping?
For instance, index 1 has fields A (date type), B (int type), and C(string type) and index 2 has fields D (date type), E (int type).
I'd like to chart field B from index 1 against field E from index 2 on the same chart. The ability to visualize multiple data sets on the same chart will be tremendous for comparison, trending and more.


It should be possible as long as you can create an index pattern that includes both indices. In the worst case, you can create a "*" or a "_all" index pattern.

Keep in mind, though, that to plot values on the same time chart, you'd at a minimum need a time field that is named the same.

I'm showing an example below of creating a wildcard index and creating a table that incorporates fields from two completely different indices.