Multiple index patterns per index

Hi. I have two fields in my index of type date - observation_dt and dateofbirth_dt. I want to create two visualizations having observation_dt and dateofbirth_dt being the X-axis, yet it seems I can only create a single 'index pattern' per 'Index name'. Does Kibana support multiple 'index patterns' per 'Index name'?


You should be able to choose a different X-axis field even if the time field for the index is different. If you need different time fields on the index pattern you can use this trick:

Say my index is called myIndex. I make 2 index patterns, one called myIndex, another called myIndex* both will match the same index, assuming there's nothing else that matches myIndex*

We're considering opaque indexPattern IDs for a future version

Thanks a lot. The above worked for what I needed.

I also discovered that if the date type fields are in a nested type you need to manually add them to the metaFields list in the Advance Settings page.