How to plot multiple series by multiple indexes into one visualization?

I read the documentation on Time Series visualization that it can create multiple series by field in the same index.

However, I want to create a line chart with several series that distinguished by index e.g. green line with actual-index and red line with forecast-index.

Is that possible on Kibana 5.5? If so how?

Thank you.

in the panel settings of time series visual builder you can override the index pattern. you can even set it to * (to look at all index patterns). the only requirement is that all your index patterns have the same time field (for example @timestamp).

then you can plot metrics on fields from different indexes.

you could also do the same using timelion, without the restriction of same time field:

.es(index=myfirstindex, timefield=timestamp, metric=sum:bytes), .es(index=secondindex, timefield=time, metric=count)
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Thank you for pointing out the related settings parameters, I didn't think of the index override pattern in metric option. It works perfectly.

Thanks again.

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