Visualizing different indexes on a single map


I have data from 2 different indexes, which I can combine using a wildcard index pattern. I want to visualize the data from these indexes on a single map yet they should be shown with a different color code atleast.
I tried to split chart based on field type, but it adds a new map, doesn't use the same one. If I don't split, all the data is shown together, with no way to tell what part is coming from where.

Is there anyway to map color codes with name of index or even type?


Wow! This went unanswered for over a year :frowning:

The current Tile Map doesn't support multiple metrics, buckets, or splitting charts. It could be a potential enhancement, but I'm not sure how it would show on the map. The circles are already different colors based on size, and it would be really confusing when using a Heat Map type.