Visualize Geohash using JSON input

Hi All,
I indexed huge machine generted time series data in elastic db.
We want to visualize in kibana machines locations and statiscs regarding each machine.
My naive solution is to store geohash data in each record and than visualize it.

However machine location is static and its not make sense to store geohash data in each record/document.
Our idea is to "burned" machines location as geohash data in JSON query ( "JSON input which allows you to specify additional aggregation parameters to send with your request").

Did this idea make sense?
Is there any example how to do that ? references?
Is there better solutions?


You can do it but it'd have to be done external to ES.

Thank you about your response Mark.
I understand that such approach is feasible.

What did you mean "external to ES" ?
Did you mean to read static (never changing) parameters such machine Geohash data from "external" file ?
Similar topics/ examples?

Thanks in Advance,

When you read the data from ES you could have another index that contains these coordinates, then you could merge them via some external code.

But you can't do a join in ES to merge them.

HI Mark,
I have another index that contains these coordinates
What do you mean "merge them via some external code" ?

Did you mean groovy script that return "script fields" as part of a search request?
Namely to retrive the coordinates and store/"borned" them as { ...location clause... } similar to the script_score describe in the end of ?


Any hint are highly welcome.


You need to put all of the data in the one index.
Each document needs to have the data and the geo info in it.