Visualize only the values of the fields

Hi ,

I need to visualize only the values of the fields by some other field . I dont want to perform any sought of aggregation like Avg,Sum, Max,Min, Count on the values . I need to visualize it in Vertical Barchart .

I tried it with Top_Hits , but in one of the scenario i am getting the aggregation option as Concatenate . Its giving me appropriate response .But in the others i am not getting the same option.

How Can i do it ?

Hi @kartikeya_sharma_13,

I am not absolutely certain I understand your use-case correctly. I assume you want to plot one field of a document over another? While visualize only supports aggregations on the y-axis, you can achieve a result similar to that using a Terms or Filters aggregation on the x-axis and any of Min, Max, Sum or Avg on the y-axis. As long as the x-axis values are unique, the only one value would be used to calculate the y-axis.

Hi @weltenwort
I am sorry if my question was not so clear . So i have two Columns lets say A and B

App1 20
App2 91
App3 60
App4 72

So i want to plot a graph of Col B by Col A and want to represent the exact value of of Col B against Col A.

Is there any way i can achieve this .


Yes, using a Terms aggregation with a sufficiently large size on the x-axis and a Max aggregation on the y-axis should work in that case.

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