Visualize: [parsing_exception] Unknown key for a VALUE_BOOLEAN in [highlightAll]

I am trying to create visualizations in Kibana (version 5.2.0). Each of the visualizations load without error by themselves. However when I put all the visualizations in a dashboard and try to load that dashboard, I get the following error message:

Visualize: [parsing_exception] Unknown key for a VALUE_BOOLEAN in [highlightAll]., with { line=1 & col=608 }

I think the problem may have something to do with my dashboard, here is the code for the dashboard:

    "_id": "073a1c40-5128-11e7-afcd-7f99d3f3a7cf",
    "_type": "dashboard",
    "_source": {
      "title": "Sample Traffic Data",
      "hits": 0,
      "description": "",
      "panelsJSON": "[{\"col\":1,\"id\":\"beed0600-50a5-11e7-9b2f-6b73ad1516fc\",\"panelIndex\":1,\"row\":7,\"size_x\":6,\"size_y\":3,\"type\":\"visualization\"},{\"col\":1,\"id\":\"f9520a80-5126-11e7-afcd-7f99d3f3a7cf\",\"panelIndex\":3,\"row\":10,\"size_x\":6,\"size_y\":3,\"type\":\"visualization\"},{\"col\":7,\"id\":\"b909be00-5126-11e7-afcd-7f99d3f3a7cf\",\"panelIndex\":4,\"row\":7,\"size_x\":6,\"size_y\":3,\"type\":\"visualization\"},{\"col\":1,\"id\":\"99a6cf70-5127-11e7-afcd-7f99d3f3a7cf\",\"panelIndex\":5,\"row\":13,\"size_x\":6,\"size_y\":3,\"type\":\"visualization\"},{\"col\":7,\"id\":\"dc304770-5129-11e7-a136-f3d2775519f6\",\"panelIndex\":6,\"row\":10,\"size_x\":6,\"size_y\":3,\"type\":\"visualization\"},{\"col\":1,\"id\":\"a0932b20-5137-11e7-b3a4-51cb043fc72c\",\"panelIndex\":7,\"row\":1,\"size_x\":12,\"size_y\":6,\"type\":\"visualization\"}]",
      "optionsJSON": "{\"darkTheme\":false}",
      "uiStateJSON": "{}",
      "version": 1,
      "timeRestore": false,
      "kibanaSavedObjectMeta": {
        "searchSourceJSON": "{\"filter\":[{\"query\":{\"query_string\":{\"analyze_wildcard\":true,\"query\":\"*\"}}}],\"highlightAll\":true,\"version\":true}"

Can someone help me resolve this issue? Many thanks.

Indeed the highlightAll part seems to be the problem. Which version did you export that data from? Whichever it was, looks like we don't support that syntax in 5.2. If you go into Management > Saved Objects, you should be able to clean up the dashboard source to remove that portion.

E.g. this:

should instead look like this:

Save the dashboard object and try to reopen, see if that fixes the issue like it did for me when I had that extra data in there!

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