Visualization/Authorization Error when using dashboards with many visualizations

Hey, folks

Have a weird problem someone in my org uncovered. When trying to create or load an existing dashboard that is visualization heavy, they get an error like this:

Error: Authorization Exception
at respond (https://kibana.region1.ldap1.testdomain.local/bundles/kibana.bundle.js?v=14823:14:6928)
at checkRespForFailure (https://kibana.region1.ldap1.testdomain.local/bundles/kibana.bundle.js?v=14823:14:6156)
at https://kibana.region1.ldap1.testdomain.local/bundles/kibana.bundle.js?v=14823:1:26924
at processQueue (https://kibana.region1.ldap1.testdomain.local/bundles/commons.bundle.js?v=14823:38:23621)
at https://kibana.region1.ldap1.testdomain.local/bundles/commons.bundle.js?v=14823:38:23888
at Scope.$eval (https://kibana.region1.ldap1.testdomain.local/bundles/commons.bundle.js?v=14823:39:4619)
at Scope.$digest (https://kibana.region1.ldap1.testdomain.local/bundles/commons.bundle.js?v=14823:39:2359)
at Scope.$apply (https://kibana.region1.ldap1.testdomain.local/bundles/commons.bundle.js?v=14823:39:5037)
at done (https://kibana.region1.ldap1.testdomain.local/bundles/commons.bundle.js?v=14823:37:25027)
at completeRequest (https://kibana.region1.ldap1.testdomain.local/bundles/commons.bundle.js?v=14823:37:28702)

And the dashboard never loads.

I have tried increasing the size of their instances, but no joy.

There are two Kibana servers behind a load balancer that terminates their SSL, and a reverse proxy in nginx that shunts 80 to 5601.

Can anybody see something that may be the culprit? I'm at a bit of a loss.

Thanks for posting this, Mark. I see you also posted this in a GitHub issue (cross-linking for future reference). I think the issue is the best place to track progress on addressing this problem.


This issue is not a bug. I found the problem, and it was rather ridiculous and a pain to track down.

The build scripts for the nginx front end neglected a permission on /etc/nginx.

This one's in the bag.

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