Kibana Dashboard error

Hello, i'm currently trying to create a dashboard to represent some data that i filter on a set of IP's, but i get an error of authentication when i try to see the data.

Request error: security_exception, unable to authenticate user [myusername] for REST request [/indexes-*/_async_search?batched_reduce_size=64&wait_for_completion_timeout=100ms&keep_on_completion=true&keep_alive=604800000ms&ignore_unavailable=true&track_total_hits=true&preference=1702287251091]

This is the error that appears instead of my graph.

Which i find weird as i'm a superuser with all the permissions.
Would anyone know what might be the issue ?

Thank you for your help.

To add to this, when i edit my Dashboard, the data appears in the preview, the error appears only when i load the dashboard.


That is weird. Which version of the stack? and are you in analytics ->dashboard or somewhere else?


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